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15 Activities You Can Do with Your Kids this Summer - TEE CARE 4U ACADEMY
15 Activities You Can Do with Your Kids this Summer - TEE CARE 4U ACADEMY

Summertime is quickly approaching, and if you are a parent, you are either prepared for this season or you’re still trying to figure out your kid’s summer plans. For some parents, this time of year is wonderful, and they love the idea of spending time with their children doing all sorts of creative activities. For other parents, they dread Summer for many reasons because it means they must make plans for their kids, so they’re not feeling like the worse parent(s) in the world because they're not prepared. The goal for both sets of parents is to provide their children with a memorable, safe experience and not worry about what their children will do from day-to-day.

If you are trying to figure out your kid’s summer plans, this blog post is especially for you. We are going to share some creative activities you can do with your kids whether you decide to send your kids off for summer camp or whether you decide to have your kids spend summer at home. These activities can be done during the weekday or weekend, and your kids will love that you have some fun activities planned for them this summer.

Here are 15 fun activities you can do with your kids this summer:

1. Visit a unique playground in your area. Cool playgrounds are an awesome way to meet new parents with kids or schedule a play-date with a friend or two. Here is a list of Richmond’s Best Playgrounds and Parks.

2. Go farming and pick your own. You can teach your children how to have an appreciation for food when you give them a “pick your own” experience. There are a variety of Virginia farms who grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Click here to find a local farm near you.

3. Plan a weekly cook out. Make this a weekly ritual and get your kids involved with planning the menu. Enjoy cooking burgers, fish, hot dogs, veggies and more. Here’s a link to some of the best barbeque recipes to help kick off your grilling.

4. Camp Out. If you have a backyard, you can create the ultimate camping experience for your kids. You can invite your kids’ friends, pull out your sleeping bags, educate on planets and stars. You can tell stories and catch lightning bugs. You can make delicious "smores." Chocolate + marshmallow + graham cracker = sweet goodness. You can make this a monthly overnight experience and teach your kids some type of survival technique. Here’s a great link to a few “Wilderness Survival Skills for Kids.”

5. Invite a few families over for a game night. You can make this a monthly or weekly event. Everyone can bring drinks and food. You can give away an inexpensive prize to family who has the most wins.

6. Go to the zoo. Most kids love animals. You can visit all of the amazing zoos in your state throughout the summer. You can research the animals before you go and discuss the animals at the zoo. Pack a lunch with some of the foods the animals like to eat. Take pictures of your kids with their favorite animals (within a safe distance – if permitted by the zoo). Here is a link to a few Zoos & Aquariums in Virginia‎.

7. Go to a water park and get wet. If you want to stay cool, visit a water park and let your kids splash around all day. Water parks are full of amazing water slides and wave pools. Your kids will love a full day of fun, sunshine, and water. Here is a list of 15 Best Water Parks in Virginia!

8. Have a picnic in the park. Create a picnic lunch menu with your kids and visit one or all of Virginia’s beautiful parks. You walk off your lunch on short hike, look for birds, insects, plants, and flowers. You can learn about the park before you visit and share information about what makes the park unique. Here is a list of The 10 Best Nature & Parks Attractions in Virginia‎.

9. Visit a beach. Did you know Virginia has twelve beaches? Visiting a beach is one of the best activities of the summer. You can invite a few of your family friends with kids to join you. Your kids can help you shop for cool beach toys. You can even make your beach visit an overnight stay. Here is a list of 12 Best Virginia Beaches.

10. Start a Garden. You can teach your kids where their fruits and veggies come from by starting a garden. Your kids can select their seeds and watch their fruits or veggies grow. Here is a link to help you get started with your Child-Friendly Garden.

11. Learn a Language. This activity is excellent because you and your kids can learn a new language together. You can learn a new in 3 weeks with a 20-minute time commitment a day. You can even take your learning one step further by learning about the continents that speak your selected language. You can visit a restaurant of your selected language and test your language skills. You and your kids can practice your new language every day until you speak the language fluently. All you need to do is select a language and get started. Here is a link to help you start your language journey.

12. Go Fishing. This activity is an excellent way for you to help your kids connect with nature. Fishing is relaxing and teaches patience. Virginia has some of the amazing spots to go fishing. If you are learning how to fish for the first time along with your kids, here are three great websites to help you get started: Fishing for the First Time | Learning How to Fish | Fishing Tips for Beginners

13. Send your kids to an awesome summer camp. If your schedule does not allow you to the opportunity to spend time with your kids during the summer, you can send your kids to an amazing summer camp. Summer camps will give your kids the opportunity to meet other children, participate in exciting activities, learn new skills, create memories, and more. Tee Cares 4U Academy offers amazing summer camp experiences full of fun, learning, team building, and more. To learn more about our summer camp, visit teecare4u.com today!

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