We are recognizing some AMAZING individuals who love being parents!  Do you know some incredible parents?  We would love to know who they are and what makes them so special!  Nominate a parent to our "Featured Parents" page. 

April Featured Parent

Joyce is the amazing grandparent to Davon & Jakai.

What do you love most about being a parent? There’s nothing like holding your child for the first time, and knowing that you are the molder of a human being. From the moment they open their eyes, crawling, walking, crying, potty training, dressing them selves, and evening saying mommy or gmommie for the first time. Watching them learn, hearing their laughter, seeing them revolving into unique individuals and you being there safe space. What I love most about being a parent is being bless to be there to see and be apart of it all.

What is your favorite thing to do with your child(ren)? My favorite thing to do with my children is to get in the car and take a ride anywhere. And listen to the conversations that they are having in the back seat among themselves.

What advice do you have to other parents? My advise to other parents is to have a conversation with them and really listen to what they say.  You will be amazed even at such a young age. Just listen to how they see the world ,the people and things in it.

What do you love about Tee Care 4U Academy? I love that Tee Care 4 U Academy is invested in the all the children. All that they do is for the sake of them.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of being a parent?  My kids say that I have nothing outside of being a parent. Because once they became grown, I went go to parenting foster and adopted kids. Now I have a permanent gig that say being a Gmommie.

What is your favorite food?  Ice cream is my favorite food and I am true to it. Can eat it all year round and I do. 

What is your favorite hobby? Doing my own make up and hair My favorite hobby is shopping.  It does not matter if I am buying for my grown children, grand babies, friends, family, neighbors, myself, holiday, grocery  or just because. I can get up on a Saturday morning leave my house around 9am and return home at 10 or 11pm.

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